Our services

We see a goal-oriented portfolio as the cornerstone of a thoughtful financial plan. It’s the key driver in your success whether you’re planning for retirement or in the middle of your retirement years. 

Working with high-net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs over the past 30 years has helped us refine our services and focus our expertise. 

Discretionary Portfolio Management

As a discretionary portfolio manager, we work one-to-one with every client to create a portfolio that meets their goals while mitigating risk. Every client relationship is guided by a clear Investment Policy Statement (IPS) unique and personalized to your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives. 

Proprietary Portfolio Solutions 

Drawing from our capital market expertise, we’ve developed a series of unique, proprietary portfolio solutions that allow our clients to tap into opportunities beyond traditional asset classes that are not necessarily available to large institutions due to size constraints and liquidity limitations. The end result is specialized portfolios that emphasize income and SRI goals. 

Comprehensive Wealth Management 

Between our investment and financial planning experience and Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax, insurance, philanthropy and estate planning experts, we design a comprehensive wealth plan that matches your unique vision of the future and aligns with your overall financial objectives.